Alita Industries
 ALITA® Linear Air Pump        (AL-500)

Nominal Performance
Model AL-500 AL-500.230
Voltage & Frequency AC 120V AC 230V
Rated Pressure 20 kPa, 2.9 psi
Rated Performance 500 lpm, 17.7 cfm
Rated Power 450W (50Hz) / 510W (60Hz)
Discharge Fittings 3/4" FPT, 26 mm / 1 in OD
Dimension LxWxH 420 mm x 248 mm x 262 mm
16.5 in x 9.8 in x 10.3 in
Weight 22 kg, 49 lb
Information presented is base on test results from nominal units
Specifications and performance data are subject to change without notice
Unit (mm)


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