Air Diffusers and Accessories
Sintered Air Diffuser Stone
  Durable self weighted diffuser stones made from fused alumina under ultra high temperature and pressure. Suitable for wide range of water conditions, washable and reusable, will not disintegrate over time.
Silicone Rubber Diffuser Hose
  Non-clog performance, provide uniform air distribution for any length. Suitable for aquaculture aeration applications. Ideal replacement for traditional black rubber hose.
Silicone Membrane Diffuser Tube
Flexible Membrane Diffuser
  Membrane disc and tube style diffusers. EPDM elastomer membrane specifically developed for residential, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications. Also suitable for lake and pond water quality management.
Polyethylene Porous Air Silencer / Air Diffuser
  Micro-porous (20/70 µm), polyethylene air silencers and air diffusers.
Polyethylene (HDPE) Porous Tube
  Semi-rigid, micro-porous (20 - 40 µm), polyethylene tubes. Can be assembled into variety of configurations using Sch40 PVC fittings.
Metallic Air Manifold