Silicone Rubber Diffuser Hose


  • Aquaculture aeration

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable, lightweight, resilient silicone rubber
  • Resistant to low/high pH, corrosion, crack or burst
  • Light to moderate ozone resistance
  • Easy to install, reshape, reposition, remove and storage
  • Can be laid to form variety of patterns, allowing high coverage area with long hose length
  • Designed for even distribution of air bubbles along the entire hose length
  • High oxygen transfer
  • Resistant to clog and with self cleaning ability
  • Low pressure loss
  • Low air pump power requirement
  • Suitable for intermittent or continuous duty application
  • Back flow resistant
  • Offer years of durable and clog free service compare to traditional black rubber hose


Hose size: 11mm ID, 14mm OD
Minimum curve radius: ~8 cm, ~3 in
Applicable length: 0.1 ~ 30+ meter, 4 in ~ 100+ ft
Slits density: ~2,700 slits per linear meter, ~830 slits per linear foot


General Installation Guide