Online reference materials on VENTILATION

Subject Source Notes
Ventilation Principles Engineering ToolBox As indicated, avoid "short cut" which has no mission
The Physics of Good Ventilation The Healthy House Institute Good read for any indoor installations
Concepts and types of ventilation WHO Comparison of natural and mechanical ventilation
Passive Design Techniques Architecture for Humanity Toronto  
Natural Ventilation Net-Zero Energy Buildings India See Recommendations tab
How Louvers Work Architectural Louvers Size of louvers matters
Position of louvers matters too! When vents are installed on opposite sides, one should be lower (close to the bottom of pump) than the opposite side (higher than top of the pump) to allow for better convention flow.
Passive and Active Cooling Mr. Gary Reysa Collection of many active and passive cooling methods
Fans & Blowers supply Newark element 14 A source for AC/DC fans and blowers